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Evaluate the causes and events led to the civil war.

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What happened in georgia as a result of the supreme court ruling in brown v. board of education? question 3 options: the sibley commission was formed all public schools were desegregated the southern christian leadership was formed the general assembly passed laws to keep schools segregated.
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Dr. redbull conducts a study to determine whether her new energy drink children perform better on spelling tests. she randomly assigns children to one of two groups: group 1 receives her energy drink and group 2 receives water. she then gives both groups a spelling test and compares the results. which of the following is true about this study? a. group 1 is the dependent variable and group 2 is the independent variable. b. this is a correlational study. c. group 2 is the experimental group. d. the independent variable is the type of drink the children receive.
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Nepal is the common garden of different caste ethnic groups language and culture briefly explain the statements​
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Recently, there has been pressure to loosen clean air standards. use economic arguments to support or oppose this proposed action.
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Evaluate the causes and events led to the civil war....
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