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Banks offer services such as checking and savings accounts. what do banks do with most of the money they receive in deposits from customers? a) they loan it out to other customers. b) they spend it on new banks in other places. c) they keep it in a locked, secured vault in the bank. d) they send it to the federal reserve in washington, d. c.

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According to subpart d, research with children may be eligible for exemption when: the children will be asked to complete a surveythe research involves the use of educational teststhe children will be interviewed by the researcher.the research with children will involve participant observation with researcher interaction.
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Which of the following studies is linked most directly to the establishment of the national research act in 1974 and ultimately to the belmont report and federal regulations for human subject protection? a. the public health service tuskegee study of untreated syphilis in the negro male.b. stanford prison experiment (zimbardo).c. tearoom trade study (humphreys).d. the harvard t3 study.
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The year is 1776. the family of philosopher john locke has brought a lawsuit against thomas jefferson for copying locke's ideas. locke's family claim that jefferson's "declaration of independence" plagiarizes locke's ideas from two treatises on government. you are the judge ruling on the case. you must research how jefferson's ideas compare to locke's and determine whether or not jefferson is guilty of stealing locke's ideas. your paragraph opinion (a court document explaining how you arrived at your decision on a case) should contain the following: explain at least 2 ideas of jefferson and locke that are similar explain at least 1 idea of jefferson that is different from locke's determine whether or not jefferson is guilty of plagiarism explain why or why not ~~ you don't have to do the work for me but i really would like some with this, you ! ( if you would like to do it for me that's great too : )
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Considering "civil disobedience," which best describes how thoreau and martin luther king, jr. both felt about acts of civil disobedience? a. they both believed that acts of peaceful political protest would not affect or alter the law.b. they both believed that people should go against certain laws because government is a flawed concept.c. they both believed that individuals have the right and the responsibility to protest unjust laws.d. they both believed that breaking the law is an unjust action that deserves punishment.answer is c.
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Banks offer services such as checking and savings accounts. what do banks do with most of the money...
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