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What is tan(61)? а. 1.80 b. 0.49 c. 0.61 d. 0.87

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What is the magnitude of impulse needed for a goalie to stop a 4kg soccer ball kicked at 12 m/s?
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5submission this assignment is worth 20 points total. you are required to submit the following by next lab: 1. (3 points) determine the equation for the output angular velocity ω2 = θ˙ 2 as a function of θ1, ω1 = θ˙ 1 and α. you must show all your work to receive credit. 2. (2 points) use the result of problem#1 to plot ω2 over 0 ≤ θ1 ≤ 360deg with ω1 = 360deg/sec. do this for α = {10,30}deg. show the results on the same plot and properly label the axes, title, legend. for this you can use matlab or ms excel. 3. (3 points) determine the equation for the output angular acceleration ω˙ 2 and create a plot similar to the one in problem#2. 4. (10 points) submit plots of the results (ω2 and ω˙ 2) obtained from creo/mechanism and compare them to results of problem#2 and problem#3. note that you should do these comparisons for the two cases with α = {10,30}deg. 5. (2 points) provide a brief explanation of the results. did they match? what are the implications as misalignment angle increases?
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Wave functions describe orbitals in a hydrogen atom. each function is characterized by 3 quantum numbers: n, l, and ml. if the value of n = 2: the quantum number l can have values from to . the total number of orbitals possible at the n = 2 energy level is .
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Which of the following changes will increase the capacitance of a parallel-plate capacitor? (there could be more than one correct choice.) a) increase the charge on the plates b) decrease the poten5al between the plates c) increase the potential between the plates d) introduce a dielectric material between the plates e) decrease the separation between the plates
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What is tan(61)? а. 1.80 b. 0.49 c. 0.61 d. 0.87...
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