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A2-kg ball b is traveling horizontally at 10 m/s when it strikes 2-kg ball a. ball a is initially at rest and is attached to a spring with constant 100 n/m and an unstretched length of 1.2 m. knowing the coefficient of restitution between a and b is 0.8 and friction between all surfaces is negligible, determine the normal force between a and the ground when it is at the bottom of the hill.

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Your starship, the aimless wanderer, lands on the mysterious planet mongo. as chief scientist-engineer, you make the following measurements: a 2.50-kg stone thrown upward from the ground at 14.0 m/s returns to the ground in 5.70 s ; the circumference of mongo at the equator is 2.20×10^5 km ; and there is no appreciable atmosphere on mongo. (a) the starship commander, captain confusion, asks for the following information: what is the mass of mongo? (b) if the aimless wanderer goes into a circular orbit 2.20×10^4 km above the surface of mongo, how many hours will it take the ship to complete one orbit? (c) an unmanned spacecraft is in a circular orbit around the moon, observing the lunar surface from an altitude of 44.0 km . to the dismay of scientists on earth, an electrical fault causes an on-board thruster to fire, decreasing the speed of the spacecraft by 23.0 m/s . if nothing is done to correct its orbit, with what speed (in km/h) will the spacecraft crash into the lunar surface?
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When is a current produced? when the terminals of an electrochemical cell are connected by a wire if the electric circuit is opened in an electrochemical cell if the electrolyte is removed from an electrochemical cell when the electrodes are reversed in an electrochemical cell
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The electric potential v is constant everywhere within a certain region of space. which statement below is true? the choices are: the electric field is also constant (but not zero) within the region. a charged particle placed within the region will experience an electric force. the electric field is zero everywhere within the region. the electric field varies from place to place within the region.
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Gderive the formulas for time of​ flight, range, and maximum height in the case that an object is launched from the initial position left angle 0 comma y 0 right angle0,y0 with initial velocity startabsolutevalue v 0 endabsolutevalue left angle cosine alpha comma sine alpha right anglev0cosα,sinα.
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