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Asatellite component is in the shape of a cube with 10cm edges, has an evenly distributed mass of 2 kg and one bolt hole at each of four corners. if the maximum predicted random vibration environment is 10 grms, what bolt size would be a good choice for restraint? what other factors might drive bolt size besides force/stress?

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Physics, 21.06.2019 23:30 one challenge on the titan games, competitors have to lift 200 pounds up a long ramp. angel is able to move the weight in 42 seconds. anthony gets it done in only 38 seconds. which statement is true? angel has more power than anthony. angel does more work than anthony. anthony does more work than angel. anthony has more power than angel. 2.a mountain climber exerts 41,000 j of work to climb a cliff. how much power does the climber need if she wants to finish in only 500 seconds? power = work / time 20,500,000 watts 82 watts 0.0122 watts 41,500 watts 3.your family is moving to a new apartment. while lifting a box 83 joules of work is done to put the box on a truck, you exert an upward force of 75 n for 3 s. how much power is required to do this? (hint: you only need two of the 3 numbers given! ) power = work / time 249 watts 25 watts 2075 watts 27.7 watts
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Kathy tests her new sports car by racing with stan, an experienced racer. both start from rest, but kathy leaves the starting line 1.00 s after stan does. stan moves with a constant acceleration of 3.9 m/s2 while kathy maintains an acceleration of 4.95 m/s^2. a) find the time at which kathy overtakes stan. b) find the distance she travels before she meets stan. c) find the speeds of both cars at the instant she overtakes him. (of kathy and stan)
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Need this now! do pilots live long
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Under the action of a constant force an object accelerates at 7.8 m/s2. what will the acceleration be if (a) the force is halved? (b) the object's mass is halved? (c) the force and the object's mass are both halved? (d) the force is halved and the object's mass is doubled?
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Asatellite component is in the shape of a cube with 10cm edges, has an evenly distributed mass of 2...
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