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Asap and show ! a 14 kg rock starting from rest free falls through a distance of 5.0 m with no air resistance. find the momentum change of the rock caused by its fall and the resulting change in the magnitude of earths velocity. earth mass is 6.0 * 10^24 kg. show your work assuming the rock earth system is closed.

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Acopper block consisting of 0.5 mole of atoms contains 8000 joules of thermal energy. (a) what is the temperature of the block? (b) the vibrational energy levels in copper have an excitation energy of 0.001 ev. how (c) calculate the entropy of the block by estimating the multiplicity of states due to this (d) a second block copper block of exactly the same size and also containing 8000 joules many units of energy q, are present in the copper block? heat. of energy is placed in contact with the first block. after thrmal equilibrium is obtained the energy in first spontancously increases to 8080 joules while the second block decreases to 7920 joules. estimate the universal decrease in entropy if this occurs. (e) estimate the probability that this will occur. express your result as a power of ten.
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What is the primary force that suspension bridges use cables to hold their spans up? a. tension force b. resistance force c. normal force d. elastic force e. applied force
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Carbon 14 is a naturally occurring stable
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Why do astronauts in the space shuttle weigh less?
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Asap and show ! a 14 kg rock starting from rest free falls through a distance of 5.0 m with no air...
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