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Which accurately compares concave and convex lenses?

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In this project you will design a controller for a quad-rotor with the objective of regulating its altitude. we will assume that a controller is already in place to ensure the quad-rotor can only move up and down. 1. write the equations of motion for the quad-rotor assumed to be a point mass that can only move along a vertical line and is subjected to the action of two forces: gravity and thrust. 2. knowing that there are 4 propellers, and that each propeller produces a trust force given by: tw 1.536x 10-7ns2 and w is the propeller's t cr is given by cr where the thrust coeffhicien rotational speed, compute the value of w required to make the quad-rotor hoover when its total mass is 0.027 kg
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What is the power rating of the lightbulb if 3.0 a flow through it when connected to a 15 v battery
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Complete these sentences. if a roller coaster train has a potential energy of 1,500 j and a kinetic energy of 500 j as it starts to travel downhill, its total energy isj. once the roller coaster train gets closer to the bottom of the hill, its kinetic energy increases to 1,100 j, and its potential energy decreases to j. when the train reaches the bottom of the track and is traveling along the ground, its kinetic energy isj.
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22. the top of a cliff is located a distance h above the ground. at a distance h/2 there is a branch that juts out from the side of the cliff, and on this branch a bird's nest is located. two children throw stones at the nest with the same initial speed, one stone straight downward from the top of the cliff and the other stone straight upward from the ground. in the absence of air resistance, which stone hits the nest in the least amount of time?
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