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The Katharios BookMark isn't just a decorated piece of paper that keeps your place in a book. This bookmark has multiple features, kind of like a very, very thin simplified phone. It has a notepad feature where you can write down notes and page numbers instead of writing in your book.
It can also connect to Bluetooth and read your book to you if you want to listen to it, or maybe you are really busy and cant wait to see what happens next.
Around 60% of people in the world wear glasses, and I am one of those people who forget their glasses almost on a daily basis. The Katharios BookMark has a magnifying feature designed for those forgetful days.
An average of 77% of people like customizable products so we have made the background for the bookmark, customizable.
Imagine you´re with your partner or at a friend's house and they are getting really tired and just want to go to sleep, but your one of those people who think that they can finish the book in just a few more hours. Well, the Katharious BookMark has a light setting and it comes in two different types of light.
The first type of light is 2,700K and it's usually used in soft lighting and is described as warm lighting. The second is 2200K and it is like candlelight and is a popular choice for fairy lights.
This product cost in the ballpark of 70 dollars to make which is fairly cheap compared to most smart products.

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You know the right answer?
Pls take the poll Thx! Poll: Would you purchase the Kathários BookMark.
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