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People seem to like movies about comic book heroes. the histograms below show the gross revenue (in hundreds of millions of dollars) of movies based on heroes from the two most popular comic book companies. which pieces of information can be gathered from these histograms? choose all answers that apply: movies based on marble heroes bring in more money on average.(choice b)ball marble movies bring in more money than all dx movies.(choice c)cthe amount earned by dx movies varies much more than the amount earned by marble movies.(choice d)dnone of the above

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Oger has $40,000 to invest and has access to three funds, a low risk money market fund returns 2% per year, a medium risk fund returning 4% per year and a more speculative high risk fund returning 9% per year. he is risk averse and wishes to invest no more than 20% of his capital in the high risk fun. on the other hand, he wants a return of at least 2000 per year from hus overall investment
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How is the data represented on a scatter plot that depicts and exponential model
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Gh bisects fgi. find the measure of hgi •15° •21° •10° •8°
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Question 1 of 10 2 points different groups of 50 graduates of an engineering school were asked the starting annual salary for their first engineering job after graduation, and the sampling variability was low. if the average salary of one of the groups was $65,000, which of these is least likely to be the average salary of another of the groups? o a. $64,000 o b. $65,000 o c. $67,000 o d. $54,000
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People seem to like movies about comic book heroes. the histograms below show the gross revenue (in...
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