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What are the real zeros of the function g(x) = x3 + 2x2 − x − 2?

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You are making a box from a 5-inch square piece of cardboard. the box will be formed by cutting out the corners as shown in the diagram and folding up the sides. you want the volume of the box to be 2 cubic inches. find the rational solution(s) of the equation. then use polynomial long division to find the other solution(s). what are the possible side lengths of the box?
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Arianna is buying plants for her garden. she buys 15 flowering plants for $96. pink flowering plants sell for $8, and purple flowering plants sell for $5. how many pink flowering plants did arianna buy? i figured out the answer! the answer is 7. 8x +5y = 96 plug in 7 for x 8 (7) + 5y = 96 56 + 5y = 96 subtract 56 from both sides 5y/y = 40/5 y = 8 she bought 7 pink and 8 purple plants
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The table represents a function. what is f(-2)? a.-3 b. -1 c.1 d.3
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What are the real zeros of the function g(x) = x3 + 2x2 − x − 2?...
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