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Anagnos: . . it will no doubt be difficult for you there, annie. but it has been difficult for you at our school too, hm? gratifying, yes, when you came to us and could not spell your name, to accomplish so much here in a few years, but always an irish battle. for independence. (he studies annie, humorously; she does not open her eyes.) this is my last time to counsel you, annie, and you do lack some – by some i mean all – what, tact or talent to bend. to others. and what had saved you on more than one occasion here at perkins is that there was nowhere to expel you to. what do anagnos's words reveal about annie in this excerpt

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Who tryna me do this (there’s a back too) cuz i rlly don’t understand this since i was out of school all week for the flu & my teacher isn’t here to explain it
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The objective, logical, and systematic way of collecting empirical data and arriving at conclusions is called
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According of the history viewpoint expressed in the idea of the long twentieth century which came first
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"the plan of removing the aboriginal people who yet remain within the settled portions of the united states . . approaches its consummation. . an extensive region . . has been assigned for their permanent residence. it has been divided into districts and allotted among them. many have already removed and others are preparing to go. . " removal of southern indians to indian territory, 1835 this passage is most closely related to a) imperialism. b) the civil war. c) westward expansion. d) the french indian war.
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Anagnos: . . it will no doubt be difficult for you there, annie. but it has been difficult for you...
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