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DIRECTIONS: Read the following excerpt from SuzanneCollins'sThe Hunger Games. When you are finished, answer the questions that follow.

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Agood persuasive essay topic cannot be a. a fact b. debatable c. something somebody else has already written about
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Now long and short works of fiction have different characteristics beyond simply the length of the work. think of a short story that you like and a longer work (novel or novella) that you like. you can use the story and novella from this unit if no other works come to mind quickly. discuss the elements of each work that made it enjoyable to read. what relationship did the form of the work (short story, novella, or novel) have in making it an enjoyable read? what elements of fiction were strongest in the work, and how did they impact your enjoyment of the story? compare the two works you chose. how are they representative of short fiction versus longer forms of fiction?
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Read this excerpt from "a visit from the goon squad."that’s when he began singing the songs he’d been writing for years underground, songs no one had ever heard, or anything like them—“eyes in my head,” “x’s and o’s,” “who’s watching hardest”—ballads of paranoia and disconnection ripped from the chest of a man you knew just by looking had never had a page or a profile or a handle or a handset, who was part of no one’s data, a guy who had lived in the cracks all these years, forgotten and full of rage, in a way that now registered as pure. does the author use satire in this excerpt? the author is criticizing media censorship.the author is criticizing the idea of isolationism.the author is mocking society’s overuse of technology.the author is mocking man’s inability to freely express himself.
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Listening is also important because you spend more time listening than participating in any other communication activity. in fact, you spend more time listening to others than doing almost anything else. typical americans spend more than 80 percent of any average day communicating with other people l. they spend 45 percent of that communication time listening to others. which sentence states the main idea?
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DIRECTIONS: Read the following excerpt from SuzanneCollins'sThe Hunger Games. When you are fini...
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