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Select the correct answer. which of these descriptions is the most accurate summary of chapters 5-8 of the death of ivan ilyich? ivan ilyich's pain worsens. a celebrated doctor offers a cure. it works for a short time, but the pain returns. ivan ilyich realizes that he is dyhe is consoled by the thought that he has his family to care for him. ivan ilyich cannot face up to the reality that he is dying. as he obsesses with the thought of dying, his mind swings between hope anddespair. he grows angry and bitter at everyone in his life, except his servant gerasim. when his wife and friends realize that ivan ilyich is dying, they plan several amusements to keep him in good cheer. ivan ilyich is tohear that his daughter is marrying a successful man from an influential family. as death approaches, ivan ilyich thinks about his happy childhood and his successful career. he cannot accept the fact that a good man likehim could be fated to die so young, he is happy to note that his young son will grow up to be a successful man like him.​

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Select the correct answer. which of these descriptions is the most accurate summary of chapters 5-8...
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