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What is needed for procedual writing?

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Which word best describes the author's tone in this excerpt from "that spot" by jack london? i don’t think much of stephen mackaye any more, though i used to swear by him. i know that in those days i loved him more than my own brother. if ever i meet stephen mackaye again, i shall not be responsible for my actions. it passes beyond me that a man with whom i shared food and blanket, and with whom i mushed over the chilcoot trail, should turn out the way he did. i always sized steve up as a square man, a kindly comrade, without an iota of anything vindictive or malicious in his nature. i shall never trust my judgment in men again. why, i nursed that man through typhoid fever; we starved together on the headwaters of the stewart; and he saved my life on the little salmon. and now, after the years we were together, all i can say of stephen mackaye is that he is the meanest man i ever knew. a. excited b. ironic c. indignant d. playful
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You have to go. you have to, yer the only doctor. go ahead on, you," bruh fox say. big doc rabbit went down to the brook again. the water was so cool and ribbly and it kept the crock of cream so fresh and cold. doc rabbit drank about half of the cream this time. then he went back up to brother fox with the hard labor of raisin the roof. heard tell about this phrase remind readers that these stories were usually told, not read. which line from the excerpt is an example of personification?
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What does this dialogue reveal about louise? she follows some of the spiritual ideas of the pueblo people. she is a devout follower of the catholic church. she often turns to father paul for support and guidance. she wants teofilo to receive his last rites from father paul.
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In the excerpt from the emancipation proclamation, which phrase or sentence supports the claim that president lincoln did not want the slaves to take up arms against their former masters?
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