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What textual evidence in “all the lovely stars” indicates that christina regretted her initial response to her mother’s plan togo to arizona for spring break? a.)christina builds a miniature desert in an old aquarium for mother. b.)christina squeezed her mother’s hand when she got home from school. c.)christina was worried when she learned that her mother’s ankle was broken. d.)christina knows her mother is concerned about her well-being while she is at the hospital.

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Acomplex sentence contains . one subject and one verb
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Read this example: original work - a novel about a man's struggles to returnhome to his family after spending the past ten yearsfighting in a war.which work would represent a change to the artistic medium of this originalwork? a. a story written about the man's adventures since the warb. a novel that translates the story into another language.c. a painting of the man wishing he was home with his familyd. a book written about the war the man was fighting​
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In paragraphs four through six, churchill offers a “resolution” to the house of commons in parliament to “record its approval of the steps taken and declare its confidence in the new government.” in paragraph six, churchill states the resolution. what is he asking of the house? how important is this resolution? explain your inference using evidence from the text.
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If you were making a persuasive speech about how students should take creative writing every year they are in school, which sentence would most effectively support that argument?
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What textual evidence in “all the lovely stars” indicates that christina regretted her initial respo...
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