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Why is carbon ideal for making different compounds?

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How does a hydroelectric power plant converts energy into energy.
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Which of the following statements is true? : * a. two reactions with the same value of ea will have the same rate constant b. the rate constant for a reaction is constant only for a particular temperature c. introduction of a catalyst into a system will always speed up the reaction d. the order of reaction is the sum of the stoichiometric coefficients e. if the concentration of a reactant is doubled and there is no change in the overall rate, then the reaction is first order to the reactant
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The human activities in two locations are described below: location a: rampant use of plastic containers location b: excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers which statement is most likely true? location a will have poor air quality because plastic is biodegradable. location a will experience water scarcity because plastic absorbs moisture. the population of honeybees will increase in location b because production of crops will increase. the population of fish in location b will decrease because the water is contaminated.
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Elabore uma redação sobre o documentário ilhadas flores abordando os principais aspectos sobre a desigualdade social obs: minimo 25 linhas
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