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If you wanted to get informed about the most recent scams that have been occurring, what could you do?

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Acompany using the perpetual inventory system purchased inventory worth $540,000 on account with credit terms of 2/15, n/45. defective inventory of $40,000 was returned 2 days later, and the accounts were appropriately adjusted. if the company paid the invoice 20 days later, the journal entry to record the payment would be
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The wall street journal reported that walmart stores inc. is planning to lay off 2,300 employees at its sam's club warehouse unit. approximately half of the layoffs will be hourly employees (the wall street journal, january 25-26, 2014). suppose the following data represent the percentage of hourly employees laid off for 15 sam's club stores. 55 56 44 43 44 56 60 62 57 45 36 38 50 69 65 (a) compute the mean and median percentage of hourly employees being laid off at these stores. (b) compute the first and third quartiles. (c) compute the range and interquartile range. (d) compute the variance and standard deviation. (e) do the data contain any outliers? (f) based on the sample data, does it appear that walmart is meeting its goal for reducing the number of hourly employees?
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Apopular low-cost airline, parson corp., has gone out of business. although the service and price provided by the airline was what customers wanted, the larger airlines were able to drive the low-cost airline out of business through an aggressive price war. which component of the competitive environment does this illustrate? a) threat of new entrants b)competitors c) economic factors d) customers d) regulators
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bradford, inc., expects to sell 9,000 ceramic vases for $21 each. direct materials costs are $3, direct manufacturing labor is $12, and manufacturing overhead is $3 per vase. the following inventory levels apply to 2019: beginning inventory ending inventory direct materials 3,000 units 3,000 units work-in-process inventory 0 units 0 units finished goods inventory 300 units 500 units what are the 2019 budgeted production costs for direct materials, direct manufacturing labor, and manufacturing overhead, respectively?
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If you wanted to get informed about the most recent scams that have been occurring, what could you d...
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