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Salt corporation's contribution margin ratio is 78% and its fixed monthly expenses are $30,000. assume that the company's sales for may are expected to be $89,000. required: estimate the company's net operating income for may, assuming that the fixed monthly expenses do not change.

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If you were running a company, what are at least two things you could do to improve its productivity.
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1. the political environment in india has proven to be critical to company performance for both pepsico and coca-cola india. what specific aspects of the political environment have played key roles? could these effects have been anticipated prior to market entry? if not, could developments in the political arena have been handled better by each company? 2. timing of entry into the indian market brought different results for pepsico and coca-cola india. what benefits or disadvantages accrued as a result of earlier or later market entry? 3. the indian market is enormous in terms of population and geography. how have the two companies responded to the sheer scale of operations in india in terms of product policies, promotional activities, pricing policies, and distribution arrangements? 4. “global localization” (glocalization) is a policy that both companies have implemented successfully. give examples for each company from the case.
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​conquest, inc. produces a special kind of​ light-weight, recreational vehicle that has a unique design. it allows the company to follow a​ cost-plus pricing strategy. it has​ $9,000,000 of average​ assets, and the desired profit is a​ 10% return on assets. assume all products produced are sold. additional data are as​ follows: sales volume 1000 units per year; variable costs $1000 per unit; fixed costs $4,000,000 per year; using the cost-plus pricing approach, what should be the sales price per unit?
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The cost of the beginning work in process inventory was comprised of $3,000 of direct materials, $10,000 of direct labor, and $10,000 of factory overhead. costs incurred during the period were comprised of $15,000 of direct materials costs, and $100,000 of conversion costs. the equivalent units of production (eup) for the period were 9,000 for direct materials and 6,000 for conversion. the costs per eup were:
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Salt corporation's contribution margin ratio is 78% and its fixed monthly expenses are $30,000. assu...
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