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University car wash built a deluxe car wash across the street from campus. the new machines cost $219,000 including installation. the company estimates that the equipment will have a residual value of $19,500. university car wash also estimates it will use the machine for six years or about 12,500 total hours. actual use per year was as follows: year hours used 1 3,100 2 1,100 3 1,200 4 2,800 5 2,600 6 1,200 prepare a depreciation schedule for six years using the following methods: 1. straight-line. 2. double-declining-balance. 3. activity-based.

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On january 1, year one, the anderson corporation buys a copyright and agrees to make a single payment of $700,000 in exactly four years. a reasonable annual interest rate is viewed as 10 percent, and a present value of $478,107 was determined. what amount of interest expense should anderson recognize for year one?
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Worksheets often contain financial or statistical data that is crucial to a business. what are some methods you might use for testing the accuracy of a formula? explain the differences between the now and today functions and describe a scenario when each would be useful.
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The following costs were incurred in may: direct materials $ 44,800 direct labor $ 29,000 manufacturing overhead $ 29,300 selling expenses $ 26,800 administrative expenses $ 37,100 conversion costs during the month totaled:
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On april 1, the cash account balance was $46,220. during april, cash receipts totaled $248,600 and the april 30 balance was $56,770. determine the cash payments made during april.
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University car wash built a deluxe car wash across the street from campus. the new machines cost $21...
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