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Modern firms increasingly rely on other firms to supply goods and services instead of doing these tasks themselves. this increased level of is leading to increased emphasis on management.

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What is the most direct result of free trade supplying productive resources to areas where they're most needed? a. enhanced efficiency b. lower interest rates c. increasing specialization d. greater competition 2b2t
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At the beginning of year three, the kelvin company owned equipment that appeared on its balance sheet with a cost of $7 million and accumulated depreciation of $2 million. the equipment was purchased two years earlier and assigned a useful life of six years. the estimated residual value was $1 million. at the beginning of year three, kelvin made several modifications to the equipment that increased its remaining useful life from four years to five years. no other changes occurred as a result of these modifications. their cost was $50,000. what is the balance in the accumulated depreciation account on december 31, year three? a. $2,000,000b. $2,760,000c. $2,810,000d. $3,000,000
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Kando company incurs a $9 per unit cost for product a, which it currently manufactures and sells for $13.50 per unit. instead of manufacturing and selling this product, the company can purchase product b for $5 per unit and sell it for $12 per unit. if it does so, unit sales would remain unchanged and $5 of the $9 per unit costs assigned to product a would be eliminated. 1. prepare incremental cost analysis. should the company continue to manufacture product a or purchase product b for resale? (round your answers to 2 decimal places.)
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An important application of regression analysis in accounting is in the estimation of cost. by collecting data on volume and cost and using the least squares method to develop an estimated regression equation relating volume and cost, an accountant can estimate the cost associated with a particular manufacturing volume. consider the following sample of production volumes and total cost data for a manufacturing operation. production volume (units) total cost ($) 400 4000 450 5000 550 5400 600 5900 700 6400 750 7000 compute b 1 and b 0 (to 2 decimals if necessary). b 1 b 0 complete the estimated regression equation (to 2 decimals if necessary). = + x what is the variable cost per unit produced (to 1 decimal)? $ compute the coefficient of determination (to 4 decimals). note: report r 2 between 0 and 1. r 2 = what percentage of the variation in total cost can be explained by the production volume (to 2 decimals)? % the company's production schedule shows 500 units must be produced next month. what is the estimated total cost for this operation (to 2 decimals)? $
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Modern firms increasingly rely on other firms to supply goods and services instead of doing these ta...
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