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The new york company produces high quality chairs. variable manufacturing overhead is applied at a standard rate of $12 per machine hour. each chair requires a standard quantity of six machine hours. production for the month totaled 4,000 units. calculate: the standard cost per unit for variable overhead. select one: a. $130,000 b. $192,000 c. $90,000 d. $100,000

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Garcia realty co. pays weekly salaries of $16,400 on friday for a five-day workweek ending on that day. journalize the necessary adjusting entry at the end of the accounting period, assuming that the period ends (a) on wednesday and (b) on thursday. refer to the chart of accounts for exact wording of account titles.
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Panera bread is a chain of cafes serving sandwiches, soups, and freshly baked breads. the company began in 1981 with stores primarily located along the east coast of the united states. since then, the firm has expanded to over 1,300 locations throughout the united states and canada. the firm has strong earnings and has been designated by business week as a "significant growth company." panera bread executives are considering the idea of expanding globally by opening cafes in asia through a franchising strategy. which of the following, if true, supports the argument that panera bread should expand into asia through franchising? a: the panera bread menu changes rapidly, and each cafe's artisan bread bakers receive regular training on new recipes. b: panera bread executives want fast access to the asian market without a significant investment of capital. c: panera bread executives want to test the asian market with a short-term commitment that allows them to make quick profits. d: the panera bread mission is to make excellent bread available to customers around the world.
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Big trail running company has started to produce running apparel in addition to the trail running shoes that they have manufactured for years. they feel that a departmental overhead rate would best reflect their overall manufacturing overhead usage. based on research the following information was gathered for the upcoming year: machining department finishing department estimated manufacturing overhead by department $ 600 comma 000 $ 400 comma 000 trail running shoes 440 comma 000 machine hours 11 comma 000 direct labor hours running apparel 60 comma 000 machine hours 39 comma 000 direct labor hours manufacturing overhead is driven by machine hours for the machining department and direct labor hours for the finishing department. at the end of the year, the following information was gathered related to the production of the trail running shoes and running apparel: machining department finishing department trail running shoes 442 comma 000 hours 10 comma 500 hours running apparel 57 comma 000 hours 40 comma 000 hours how much manufacturing overhead will be allocated to the trail running shoes
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Lusk corporation produces and sells 14,300 units of product x each month. the selling price of product x is $25 per unit, and variable expenses are $19 per unit. a study has been made concerning whether product x should be discontinued. the study shows that $72,000 of the $102,000 in monthly fixed expenses charged to product x would not be avoidable even if the product was discontinued. if product x is discontinued, the annual financial advantage (disadvantage) for the company of eliminating this product should be:
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