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Afirm is producing at minimum average total cost with its current plant. draw the​ firm's long-run average cost curve. label it. draw a point on the lrac curve at which the firm cannot lower its average total cost. draw the​ firm's short-run average total cost curve that is consistent with the point you have drawn. label it. g

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Aproperty speculator is considering an investment in land that will be developed. he expects to invest r1 500 000 in the land. it will not be developed for three years, but at the end of year 3, he expects a cash flow of r250 000. in years 4 and 5, the cash flow will increase to r350 000, and at the end of year 5 he expects to sell the land for r1 850 000. due to the risky nature of the investment, he requires a 13.67% return. the net present value of this investment is closest to:
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In december of 2004, the company you own entered into a 20-year contract with a grain supplier for daily deliveries of grain to its hot dog bun manufacturing facility. the contract called for "10,000 pounds of grain" to be delivered to the facility at the price of $100,000 per day. until february 2017, the supplier provided processed grain which could easily be used in your manufacturing process. however, no longer wanting to absorb the cost of having the grain processed, the supplier began delivering whole grain. the supplier is arguing that the contract does not specify the type of grain that would be supplied and that it has not breached the contract. your company is arguing that the supplier has an onsite processing plant and processed grain was implicit to the terms of the contract. over the remaining term of the contract, reshipping and having the grain processed would cost your company approximately $10,000,000, opposed to a cost of around $1,000,000 to the supplier. after speaking with in-house counsel, it was estimated that litigation would cost the company several million dollars and last for years. weighing the costs of litigation, along with possible ambiguity in the contract, what are three options you could take to resolve the dispute? which would be the best option for your business and why?
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Describe the three different ways the argument section of a cover letter can be formatted.
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Cash flows during the first year of operations for the harman-kardon consulting company were as follows: cash collected from customers, $385,000; cash paid for rent, $49,000; cash paid to employees for services rendered during the year, $129,000; cash paid for utilities, $59,000. in addition, you determine that customers owed the company $69,000 at the end of the year and no bad debts were anticipated. also, the company owed the gas and electric company $2,900 at year-end, and the rent payment was for a two-year period.
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Afirm is producing at minimum average total cost with its current plant. draw the​ firm's long-run a...
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