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After testing its water, a city water department issues a report to the related citizens, noting what chemicals have been identified, their doses, and the estimated risks of exposure at these levels. this report represents a type of

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Sweeten company had no jobs in progress at the beginning of march and no beginning inventories. the company has two manufacturing departments--molding and fabrication. it started, completed, and sold only two jobs during march—job p and job q. the following additional information is available for the company as a whole and for jobs p and q (all data and questions relate to the month of march): molding fabrication total estimated total machine-hours used 2,500 1,500 4,000 estimated total fixed manufacturing overhead $ 10,000 $ 15,000 $ 25,000 estimated variable manufacturing overhead per machine-hour $ 1.40 $ 2.20 job p job q direct materials $ 13,000 $ 8,000 direct labor cost $ 21,000 $ 7,500 actual machine-hours used: molding 1,700 800 fabrication 600 900 total 2,300 1,700 sweeten company had no underapplied or overapplied manufacturing overhead costs during the month. required: for questions 1-8, assume that sweeten company uses a plantwide predetermined overhead rate with machine-hours as the allocation base. for questions 9-15, assume that the company uses departmental predetermined overhead rates with machine-hours as the allocation base in both departments. 1. what was the company’s plantwide predetermined overhead rate? (round your answer to 2 decimal places.) next
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Select the correct answer. sarah works in a coffee house where she is responsible for keying in customer orders. a customer orders snacks and coffee, but later, cancels th snacks, saying she wants only coffee. at the end of the day, sarah finds that there is a mismatch in the snack items ordered. which term suggest data has been violated? a. security b. integrity c. adding d. reliability e. reporting
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Kiona co. set up a petty cash fund for payments of small amounts. the following transactions involving the petty cash fund occurred in may (the last month of the company's fiscal year). may 1 prepared a company check for $350 to establish the petty cash fund. 15 prepared a company check to replenish the fund for the following expenditures made since may 1. a. paid $109.20 for janitorial services. b. paid $89.15 for miscellaneous expenses. c. paid postage expenses of $60.90. d. paid $80.01 to the county gazette (the local newspaper) for an advertisement. e. counted $26.84 remaining in the petty cashbox. 16 prepared a company check for $200 to increase the fund to $550. 31 the petty cashier reports that $380.27 cash remains in the fund. a company check is drawn to replenish the fund for the following expenditures made since may 15. f. paid postage expenses of $59.10. g. reimbursed the office manager for business mileage, $47.05. h. paid $48.58 to deliver merchandise to a customer, terms fob destination. 31 the company decides that the may 16 increase in the fund was too large. it reduces the fund by $50, leaving a total of $500.
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Provide two examples of each factor of production that went into developing the new coasters (economics)
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After testing its water, a city water department issues a report to the related citizens, noting wha...
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