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Why are lipids and proteins free to move laterally in membranes?

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Arafura file snakes are large, aquatic, non-venomous snakes found in the flood-plains of australian rivers. they feed only on fish found in the rivers. it has been observed that heavy rainfall in the wet season in one year leads to prolonged inundation of the floodplains lasting a year or longer. it has also been observed that these snakes remain in good physical condition after a flood. explain how the file snake population in a region is likely to be affected by the prolonged inundation of a flood-plain.
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How does the information given by relative dating differ from the information given by radio metric dating
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Based on the table from ms. richards, what element from earth's crust did ms. richards gave to sanjay
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Relative dating would be considered qualitative data, true or false
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Why are lipids and proteins free to move laterally in membranes?...
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