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What happens to the pyruvic acid that enters into the krebs cycle?

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Part a - prefixes, roots, and suffixes match these prefixes, suffixes and roots to their meanings. phospho- angio- -uria -tropic -phag- a. the word root means blood or lymph vessels. b. the word root means urine. c. the word root means feeding or eating. d. the word root means phosphate or phosphorus. e. the word root means attracted specifically to the specified organ or tissue. part b – match these vocabulary terms to their meanings. gonadotropic polyuria angiotensin ii polyphagia phosphodiesterase upon the release of renin, is produced and stimulates vasoconstriction and the release of aldosterone. fsh and lh are examples of hormones, which target the ovaries or testes. an enzyme that degrades second messengers like camp or cgmp is . overproduction of urine, or , is a sign of diabetes mellitus. overeating, or , is a sign associated with diabetes mellitus.
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In sweet pea, gene c is responsible for color production and gene p is responsible for the purple color pigment. both of them are located on two different loci on different chromosomes. the flowers will be purple only when the plant has the genotypes as c_p_. no color will be produced with genotypes: ccpp, ccpp, ccpp, ccpp. thus, gene c controls the expression of gene p. what pattern of inheritance is exhibited here? a. pleiotropy b. epistasis c. multiple alleles
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No plagiarizing ! 6th grade work! easy and 100 compare the parts of a cell and the cell as a whole to another common nonliving system (i.e., a car, a city, describe the parts of a cell and their primary function.
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What is the intake in cubic centimeters
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What happens to the pyruvic acid that enters into the krebs cycle?...
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